Hardest material known to man!

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Hardest material known to man!

Post by Link1721 on Mon Dec 14, 2009 7:44 pm

Due to extensive research done by the University of Pittsburgh, diamond
has been confirmed as the hardest metal known to man. The research is
as follows. Pocket-protected scientists built a wall of iron and
crashed a diamond car into it at 400 miles per hour, and the car was
unharmed. They then built a wall out of diamond and crashed a car made
of iron moving at 400 miles an hour into the wall, and the wall came
out fine. They then crashed a diamond car made of 400 miles per hour
into a wall, and there were no survivors. They crashed 400 miles per
hour into a diamond traveling at iron car. Western New York was
powerless for hours. They rammed a wall of metal into a 400 mile per
hour made of diamond, and the resulting explosion shifted the earth's
orbit 400 million miles away from the sun, saving the earth from a
meteor the size of a small Washington suburb that was hurtling towards
mid-western Prussia at 400 billion miles per hour. They shot a diamond
made of iron at a car moving at 400 walls per hour,[Skip this if you are easily offended] and as a result
caused two wayward airplanes to lose track of their bearings, and make
a fatal crash with two buildings in downtown New York. [End of offensive content] They spun 400
miles at diamond into iron per wall. The results were inconclusive.
Finally, they placed 400 diamonds per hour in front of a car made of
wall traveling at miles per iron, and the result proved without a doubt
that diamonds were the hardest metal of all time, if not just the
hardest metal known to man.

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Re: Hardest material known to man!

Post by courtlyn on Tue Feb 09, 2010 3:00 pm

bahahaahhaha Smile

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