Resurrection's DKP Coin Loot System & List

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Resurrection's DKP Coin Loot System & List

Post by Gotshammit on Mon Mar 21, 2011 12:19 pm

OKay folks here's how it works.

First, every tuesday you earn 1 coin. Everyone in the guild earns this 1 free coin.

For each guild raid you attend in CATACYLSM Content, you earn another coin.

For each Boss Defeat you are apart of, you earn another Coin.

All drops require 3 Coins to get the item.

Items with spirit will go to a healer over a DPS
Tank items (2her for DKs) will go to Tank's over a DPS
Items with Hit on them will go to a DPS over a Tank or Healer
Items without any Hit or Spirit that more than 1 person wants will go to the Highest Damage done for that encounter.
If an item drops that only 1 person can use, that person will get the item with no coins taken from them.
Items that no one needs will be Disenchanted and the Crystals will be Guild Banked for Enchants.

As time goes on, you will spend your DKP coins as a second currency, bidding on the items. For now a fixed price will be set.

Questions? Ask Ruin or Gotshammit.

After the Line below is the list.
Last Updated: 3/22/2011
Last Updated by: Gotshammit
Next Coin Reset: Patch 4.2; Firelands Raid
Coins will now be tracked in Officer Notes!!!

Gotshammit - 1
Ruin - 1
Goldfinger - 1
Abiegail - 1
Bartuc - 1
Jematyn - 1
Taindis - 1
Zathrus - 1
Hearthor - 1
Furstration -1
Geronto - 1
Ethina - 1
Shadowdem - 1
Velmorn - 1

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